Green Creation

This is my Health insurance 2
It’s basically a Smoothie,but with no added water.
I’d rather have my daily Fruit & Greenery Duty without water,thank you very much.
Added bonus-less bloat from all the greens,than the water version.

Cup of mango
Cup of peaches
Cup of apples
200gr.spinach or 130 gr.kale
some leafy things-mint, celery leafs,parsley
alpha-alpha  – handful
50-60 ml.lemon juice
Side note:
I consider juice only a home-squeezed  from real lemons or fruits,
not the chemicalized versions which comes with a bar code.
Normally, I squeeze 4 lemons at once, then put them in a glass jar in fridge,
so have the 2 day’s worth for my Green Creation.
It’s very crucial that you have a good blender for smoothness,
otherwise your greenery will taste,well,greeneryish.
Blend away!

And just like that you will do your ”Fruit& Greenery” duty.
This count as a breakfast 2, breakfast 1 being the juice from my previous post.
You can then enjoy the rest of your day, without having to think:
”Did I eat my fruit and veggies today”
May be even have your cake(vegan-gluten-free of course)
and eat it too.
Exhibit one



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