This one is for the
‘But…I have no time Brigade ”
Or ”I am fuull of excuses Brigade”.
Or ”I- wish-I-can-do- all- that- health-juici-shmousi- staff, but- it- takes- effort Brigade’
ans so on ad infinitum.

Your health is the most important Duty you have in life.
If you are sick
how will you be able to
love the people you love
how will you do the things you do
everyday fully,with vigor?
How will you take care, think, inspire,create,
run,teach,amuse,bug and annoy the people you love?
Think about it.

You make time now for your health
or your ill health will steal your time eventually.
All that health food staff,chopping, washing and juicing may take  a while, but no more than to:

Fall sick.
Call a doctor.
Make appointment.
Get anxious.
Dress up.
Drive to the hospital.
Park after 15 min looking for space.
Wait(40 min.) in room full of germs, crying children and bouquet of smells.
Get diagnosed.(or misdiagnosed -the story of my life)
Drive to the farmacy.
Wait in line.
Wait for the medicine.
Then go home and miserate.
Still having no time?!

Your body is the only thing guaranteed to keep for life,
so make some stinking time, will ‘ya?


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