No, that’s not a 40 virgins blood in my glass, it’s my
Health Insurance. My Vegetable duty. My Keep-da-doctor-way weapon.
My morning juice. I drink it every
It’s chance to energize, alkalize and load the body with live, living food,
full of enzymes and goodness and vibrationnes.
A chance to drink your daily veggies or as I call it a VEGETABLE DUTY.
A duty you have to your Body-the only thing guarantteed to keep for life.

It’s my Health Insurance and its worth all the effort and then some.
I discover raw food few years ago and since then adapted 80% raw living lifestyle.
I don’t follow everything to a T,just playing and doing my own concoctions,
based on what’s available here.
Sad Side note-here in Holland kale is available only october till march-AARRGGHH-
so I have to improvise with spinach instead during summer.
For shame, since kale is very important part of this juice.
Hmm.May-be we just need to start agricultural revolution here and demand year round raw kale from the dutch farmers.

Try this nutrition bomb .
With a straw for your pearly-wurly (teeth) protection

1 cup cubed red beet
1 kg carrots
300 gr, kale or spinach
cup of cut celery
600 gr  brocoli
half cucumber
Serves 2.
Feel free to play with the quantities, since for some people is too sweet from all the carrots, or too bittery from kale
Use a good juicing machine and try to drink immediately (enzymes are very fickle ,so the longer you wait the more they fly away)
Drink your Health Insurance  first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Aaand just like that you did your VEGETABLE DUTY for the day (9 serving of veg).


P.S. For those of you ”DON’T?!” have time
and who think this is too much effort to make,
please read my post ”HEAR ME ROARING”.


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