Jazzyify even the simplest outfit with
EASYBREAZY FASHION FUSION- all my love’s together
I love Fashion
I love Art
I love Leather
I love Blingy-thingy’s

Belt – blingified with stones,mirrors,broshes.
Leather gloves – made from the soooftest italian leather(altogether now-AAAA!)
You don’t find this shade of purple leather every day,
so in the name of style,
I bought brand new leather pants (exhibit 3)

which cost an arm and a leg, only to put them on my arms!
I cutted them up mercilessly, punched holes and treaded them with pink cord.
And just like that-arm warmers or gloves!
METAMORPHOSIS ! (my favorite word by the way)
From previously pants
now on my hands.
(o.k. technically arms,but bear with us poets? for the sake of rhyme).

I hope I inspire you
to do your own style fusion
and to see the things around you
not for what they are, but for what they can become…
Long live the Metamorphosis!


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