It excites me to sparkle away!
Like a beacon,with
Bling during the day
Full gear,
so -what-if -it’s monday sashay
In the uniformed sea of gray,
Beige,navy-blue,black, brown array
Mismatched,ugly,parading away
Adidas tracksuits, jeans, sneakers and crocks
Playing it ”cool-man’’around the blocks.
Fake Louis Vuitton and a fleece,
Ugh boots and logos and ugliness-
Logos and logos,conformity streets.
Nothingness showin’g through.
No further ado
-monkey see, monkey do.
Uniformed . Bland. Slave to the brand.
Baaing and baaing , in unison buying
High-Fiveing,swaggering ,lame
You laugh that I am different
I laugh that you’r STILL.The.SAME!

P.S. These brain-droppings came out this morning, as a afterthought on my previous post ”Sparkle away Easybreazy way”(Come alive)


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