D.I.Y. Home Decoration

I am OB.SE.SSED with all things stones, mirrors , mosaics and vintage colored glass.I just can’t help it.
They give warmth and illusion of space,especially in a small house.
I put them on my clothes-see above,on our walls,kitchen,bedroom,washroom,living room.
No mirror and wall is safe from me,armed with stones,grout, glue gun,spatula, and hammer.
Here is what I did  to my kitchen wall.

I found this brand new vintage faucet in a thrift store and glued it to the wall for more pizzazz.

A simple clock after some easybreazy makeover

A white mirrored tray painted green,huge white  mug-mosaiced with shells and broken china,
tons of glass stones,just scattered in plates.

Big glass jar filled with small green jar+stones.Top -glass plate with glued stones.

”In THIS economy ”tips-
1.I keep my broken china and vases for mosaics making.
My hammer loves it-and so am I.Need to let the steam?
Bang away them broken plates and puff-the stress is gone.Art therapy the easybreazy way.
(Bang with caution though-use an old towel to wrap the bangees first.)
2.I buy most of  my mirrors and vintage glass jar in a thrift shops or in bulk.
Loving the process of picking old,dusty pieces people has thrown
and thinking what I can do with them…
It’s part of the thrill for me.The one-man-garbage-thing ,you know.
One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.



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