Ain’t that the truth…

’If Only We Were Human’’
by George Carlin

These species is dear,hateful,sweet,barbaric,tender,vile,
thoughtful,perverted,generous,greedy species.
In short, great entertainment.

As I said before, humans are the only species that
systematically torture and murder it’s own for pleasure and personal gain .
In fact, we are the only species that systematically torture and murder it’s own, period.
We are serial killers.
All poems and symphonies and oils on canvas will never change that.
Man’s noble aspect is the aberration.
Those who argue that art and philosophy are proof of human worth
neglect to mention that,in the scheme we have devised
artists and philosophers are
completely powerless and largely without prestige.
Art, music, and philosophy are merely poignant examples of
what we might have been
had not the priests and traders gotten hold of us.

Most animals, when fighting one of their own,
will show aggressive behavior,
but very little hostility or intention to harm.
And when the outcome of the struggle is inevitable,
the losing animal will signal its defeat
by exposing its most vulnerable part to the victor,
affording it the opportunity to finish the kill.
The victor then walks away without inflicting further harm.

These are the creatures we feel superior to.

P.S. Want to call somebody a pig or an animal?…


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