D.I.Y.-How to stylishly repair a hole in knitwear

File this under: I hate when that happens or
When you love labels (as in brand)
but hate labels(as in itchy,annoying patches sewn with the hardest,almost barb-wire treads).
So you screw up.Your favorite brand new sweater.With an X-ACTO style cutting knife, trying to remove the annoying,itchy label t-t-t-ickling your neck.Ugh.
One problem solved.Except that now you have a gaping hole caused by your knife.Damn these tight stitches.
Fear not,my label haters with sensitive necks.Here is your chance to make a lemonade(You know, when- life- gives- you lemons,make- a- lemonade- thing).
You need some leather-in any matching or contrasting color,pinking shears ,needle and tread.

Leather patch and pinking shears

First,lightly and as flatly as possible mend the hole with needle and tread.Cut the leather patch with the pinking shears and sew on both sides, so you can’t see the mending stitches.Easybreazy and stylish.Tip-to avoid my not so perfect stitches(see below),don’t pre-cut the leather at the exact  size needed-it’s too difficult to sew while trying to keep both sides aligned.First sew a roughly cut, bigger patches on both sides at the same time ,and then, using the pinking shears do the precision cut.

Hole in sweater mended with leather patch

I use  soooft leather for the patches, since is the most luxurious and perfectly matching fabric for the knitwear.In my opinion.
And it doesn’t itch!!!


The top 2 anti-aging universal everyday beauty habits.Period.

It is not your passing thoughts or brilliant ideas so much as your plain everyday habits that control your life“-Paramahansa Yogananda

Face brushing with shoe brush

There are only 2 universal beauty habits,which could benefit anybody.Anybody.Regardless of age or skin type.They also happens to be the cheapest.And easiest.All it takes is perseverance .To  preserve your skin without spend a fortune on products,which may work on somebody else, but not necessarily on your unique type of skin.Been there,have a closet full of face creams,lotions and potions and what nots.Some sorta-kinda worked,some not,some even brought me to the doctor.When I was 12 my friend(with oily skin) got rid  of her acne using a sulphur cream.Being the proud owner of a 3 pimples and inspired by her success,I bought the same  sulphur based cream and smeared it all over my face(dry,sensitive skin) including my eyelids and under my eyes  in overzealous bid to prevent future acne.Burned by the sulphur, my eyes completely closed and the skin around became shriveled like prune,snake-like and dry- and  it hurt  like hell-and landed me in the emergency room.It took a week and a  tube full of steroid cream to restore my eye lids and under-eye skin suppleness.So I learned the hard way the most important skin lesson of my life:Just because it works with XYZ,doesn’t mean it will work withYOU.Success with XYZ could be disaster with YOU.Be aware of your own unique skin type.Question all the miracle products.Read,read,read.Do your own research.Experiment with caution.I am 44 year old and always on the lookout for the best anti-aging concoctions or routines to keep my skin good without botox or surgery. I discovered that they are only 2 universal, one-for-all beauty habits which can benefit anybody,regardless of age and skin type.
This skin panacea is face and body brushing
The secret to young and supple skin is the exfoliation and skin turnover.All the expensive cosmetic procedures are based on the same premise-to create artificial,mild damage,injury to the top layer of skin, in order to stimulate  your own collagen production(microdermabrasio,dermarolling,chemical peeling).
Do your own  good ”damage” without causing a bank account damage.
It only takes 2 brushes,few bucks and 10-15 minutes a day.

Look up while brushing to prevent jowls and double chin

Face brushing.It’s a tripple whammy:
Brings blood to the skin surface-oxygen-nutrients-food
Exfoliator -skin turnover,regeneration,draws out impurities
Mini face massage-stimulates the muscles.
The skin rejuvenation speeds up when the dead skin cells are removed.
In the beginning brush gently,depending on your own skin sensitivity-use common sense-whats hard for some is too gentle for other.Use firm strokes and avoid the eye area.Look up while brushing to prevent jowls and turkey neck.Choose a firm brush.You don’t have to pay for ”Sissy brushes”- a specific face brushes,which  are way overpriced and soft to to bring blood flow to the surface of the skin, to refresh and invigorate.I use a cheap shoe polish brush-2 euro. It has the right hardness for my own type of skin( sensitive and thin).
I believe that face brushing is just as important as body brushing. Dead skin cells accumulate on the body as they do on the face.Brush from feet to heart direction,using firm strokes-circular on the belly and breast areas.It also helps with muscle soreness after a tough workout,since it brings blood flow to the surface .And whatever brush you choose,avoid the ”Sissy brushes”-boar-bristled brush they sell in most shops.They are too soft to to do the slough (exfoliation),might as well use a sponge-no good!I swear by cactus body brush-it has the right hardness to stimulate and exfoliate.Cactus hooray!
Mine is from Elemis and is with removable handle, which I removed and trowed .Body shop also have a cactus body brush, but theirs is with a fixed, un-removable handle-huge minus for me , since I am a handle-hater.If you have hands,why you need a handle-right?

Body brushing with cactus brush

I cant start my day without my brushing routine.It energizes  and pumps my blood right away.Instant wake up.
Give your face and body 15 minutes a day with a firm brush.
Hard brush-soft skin.
Did I mention it’s also best anti-aging habit you could have?

D.I.Y.Home Decoration creations for small spaces

Mirror, mirror on the wall-who is the best bejeweled of them all…
This is our  mirror room-make up room-boiler room-wash up room.Basically a brick-a-brack little space with a big old gorgeous sink(not shown) full with our beauty products and accessoires.We call it the 3D room,since the mirrors are strategically placed, so we can check from all the angles our heads and hair style.
The mirrors also are a big space openers for a small rooms like this.

Painted mirror with stones

Mirror,mirror on the wall

Mirrors and racks and flowers and frames

The rack in the corner is CD rack, which I use to hang my hair stuff and hair flowers.On top of it sits a mosaiced picture frame,which I upgraded to mirrored  and stoned frame.The 3 green dots creation next to the towel rack,is a cut up floor tile,painted yellow and then with swirly green dots.Picture frames also painted by hand.

Painted mirror-suns and frames

The suns were previously silver dull color,so I had to give them my easybreazy painting brush treatment to fit the color concept of the 3d room.Glass plate on top of the big mirror-hand painted with green and bejeweled with little mirrors and stones.I hate with passion middle of the ceiling lights, so instead we have many spots lights and a disco ball,which creates very whimsical atmosphere when slowly rotating from the ceiling.

I hope I inspired you to see the possibility of even small,humble,unassuming place to become your own art gallery.
With your own touch and creations.
And memories.
Surround yourself with beauty.

Artsy green way to create black and white outfit out of recycled materials

Rrr! My favorite grrreeting sound.It also means reduce,reuse,recycle(RRR).
My favorite activity-to extend  the life of old unwanted things,by giving them a different role than before.
You know,more artsy and unexpected one.Case in point-this whole look is made of recycled materials.

Black and white upcycled outfit with black and white shoes

Corset-made out of old bag,leather choker-harnessy-necklace made out of old leather corset,arm warmers made out of knee-socks ,corset straps made out of old suspenders and mirrorified with mirrors from and old chandelier,old leather jacket cut up and studdified and mirrorified,with studs from old belt and mirrors from disco ball.See,circle of life,basically.
This stretchy corset was  too small in the breast region,but fitted fine in the waist, so I cut up the top part and make it underbust-waist cincher.Still too plain for my taste,though.
It sat for quite a while in my massive pile of semi finished- just-started-and now-where-is-that-special-thing-to make -it-ooo,aaaa!-projects.
Then came the perfect accompaniment for it ,in a form of a bling-bling  bag at a flea market.I cut up the front panel of the bag and sew it very carefully(with leather needle and much huffing and puffing) on the corset.Also attached a black and white blingy broshe in the top middle part.For extra support I added the straps,made of old suspenders and attached small diamond brads and mirrors, taken from an old chandelier.
I had this open bust leather corset for a while (not shown,just tried to recreate the top part on the before-ish image).Yet somehow it never got used for it’s intended??? purpose.But the leather was sooo soft and divine, and the straps were very strappy looking with shiny metal rings and buttons on them.I just had to  come up with new role for it.

Before-ish and after

After my sccisors treatment it became 2 new accessoires -one choker and one wide belt-stockingy-belty-kinda thingy (subject of a future post).
The choker closes with velcro at the back (see exhibit 1).I also added a middle strap with a metal charm.It can be worn as harnessy-thing, attached to the suspender-straps,or just as a choker with dangling straps.

Leather choker ,mirrors suspenders and corset made from old bag

The black thingies on my arms are former knee-high socks.With the heel part cut off.It adds nice contrast to white shirt.Very easy to take off if you feel warm, or to put on if cold-great for layering in the winter, without having to wear bulky wooly things.

Leather jacket with studs, mirrors, and sequined back

This leather jacket was 2 sizes too big for me and also very dowdy and frumpy looking,but the leather was soft and collar was good,so I parted with 2 euro!!!! and brought it home from a charity shop.After my sccisor-and needle-treatment (cut  very short),I attached studs,taken out of old leather gothic belt.Then ,armed with a flat screwdriver,I stripped a disco ball of its mirrors(It took aaaages),glued the mirrors between the studs.On the back side,sewed a sequined patch, taken out of an old blouse.

And there you have it-an entire outfit made of recycled materials.
Circle completed-out with the old, in with the new-old.
Don’t just recycle-upcycle!

D.I.Y.- Creative Old Bag Makeover

Sad old stained bag ready for makeover

Call this an Old bag rescue mission.
I found this white leather bag lying in the free-to-take bin in front of my local charity shop.
Most People saw Sad old stained bag,and nobody wanted it,even though it was free.
Looking at it, I immediately imagine  it playing a vintagey-rock-en-rolly-jazzy part of my black-and white-outfits.
I thank you, Most people, for the opportunity you gave me to take this old bag home and give it some new life.
I cleaned it and glued 2 big black buttons and 2 black coin purses in the front.Then cut some old studdy(studly?) belt and glued it front and to the straps.
Voila!-Old bag with a new Studs and a Money Shot.

Old bag with a new Studs and a Money Slots.

Black and white bag accessorized with black and white watches and leather bracelets

Mama’s  got a brand new bag

Old bags have such a bad reputation.Give them a chance.
And a makeover.It can be fun.

Creative Home Decoration Inspiration-Loco for Coco Curtains

I love love  love coconut and anything coconutty.
Coconut oil for cooking and my body,shredded coconut in my everyday energy meal,coconut water,coconut cream.
So it was only natural to hang all these coconut shells instead of curtains.Loco for coco,indeed.

Coconut shells hanging from ceiling and coconut shell dream catcher with bells

Red and cream painted coconut shells curtains

Couch decoration

Guest starring the Coconuts (or just Nuts) King. Also moonlights as a Couch King.

Top 7 D.I.Y. tips for gorgeous long curly hair

Long blond natural curly hair without blow drying or scrunching

This one is for the curly-wurlies with long locks.
Straight from the easybreazy,guinea-pig, trial and error, live and learn laboratory.

-Let your hair dry naturally,even in the winter.Hair dryer is #1 enemy for your hair.Very damaging,especially on curly,dry,chemically treated(colored)hair like moi.The heat damages to the hair shaft,making it brittle,weak and lacklustre.I stopped fighting the curl and haven’t used blow dryer since the year 2000. I had to come with routine to make it look silky and healthy,run-your-fingers-through without involving a blow dry.

Well,after much trial and error(see exhibit 4 for the error part)
I nailed the perfect do-it-yourself routine for healthy,frizz-free,bouncy long hair.

-After shampooing and  conditioning towel dry.Pat.Do not rub!Put some anti-frizz serum in your hands and distribute it through the hair  using a wide tooth comb.Bio silk, Kerastase Oleo relax or Dr.Organic Moroccan oil are my current favorites, which I alternate.Expensive,but worth every penny.

-Put a wide  head band (the hard variety, not the soft fabric ones) on your hair to keep it all smooth around your face. If you want more slikked-close- to- your- head look, do a tight ponytail, let it dry, then undo the ponytail.

-Do not touch hair after you have combed through your anti-frizz product.
Let it dry naturally-very important!That’s when the magic happens and your natural curls appear in their full glory, undisturbed by heat or hand.

-Do not scrunch when wet.It’s an old wives (and some hairdressers) tale,that it makes the curls more springy and defined.It just creates frizzy, stringy ,too curly pudel-merino sheep-like  look.

-After your hair have dried completely, remove the head band and liiiightly! run the tips of your fingers through the roots of your hair.
Do not comb!Please.

-If you want more tousled, surfer girl look,instead of anti-frizz serum spray your locks with a salt water solution-
2 spoons of sea salt in 300gr.water in a spritz bottle-creates very dreadlocky, child of the sea look.
Better yet-after swim in the sea,don’t rinse,touch or comb your hair.Let it dry on the sun.Make sure to fill bottle with sea water after a day on the beach for more touch-ups.

Just came out of swimming in the sea,carefree wild hair natural look

Aaand bounce.

In short, for the long haired curly wurlies:

Your worst enemies-The hair dryer and the comb (and don’t even think about hair-brush).Brr.Here is why:

Excuse my beauty

See what happens when comb meets dry hair.Curly-wurly not so curly, just wurly.And burly.And I can’t-believe-I-left-the-house-looking -like-that.

Unless  you aim for hay- like-drabby-birdnest .

Always comb hair when wet…Never dry.

Your best friend-a good anti-frizz ,nourishing product, applied on wet hair!.
Or the almighty sea.

Stay bouncy, curly-wurlies.
The grass is not greener on the other(straight as pin) side.
Embrace the Curl.

Green solutions for raw food teeth

Imagine that. While improving your health tenthwise on a raw food diet,a lot of you experience tenthwise declining in your dental health-tooth erosion, cavities, thinning enamel,receding gums. A  baffling paradox, since all the good nutrition, fruits,vegatables,nuts and lack of refuned sugar should do your nutritional highway (mouth) good,not a quick ride to Dentureland.It seems you can’t have  your raw food cake and eat it ( with your own teeth ) too.
Here is why:
The Vilans The Evil trio :Sugar+ Acid+ Bacteria .
Acid being the Kingpin.It comes from the foods you eat,(vinegar, lemon juice, most fruits) or is manifactured by acid producing bacteria that live in your  mouth.Acid
Sugar.A sugar is a sugar,even from a healthy source-fruit, fruit juices, also sticky foods,nuts,dried fruits .
Bacteria-feeds on both acid and sugar,and also feeds  the dentists bank accounts.
This Evil Trio then conspire and create-
Low ph-alcalinity in your mouth = welcome to the  tooth sencitivity + enamel loss.
The Good guysYour own saliva
Saliva is the built- in – tooth-builder,calcium amd phosphorus rich,natural reminalizer.Teeth can remineralize if they are clean and if they are in alkaline.
Green leafy vegetables-source of essential alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium needed for tooth rebuilding.
High alkalinity in your mouth-no enamel damage, no wallet damage.
Repeat after me: ”Green,Clean and Alkaline”.But how?
Well, I have guinea-pigged myself and sifted through my own trial and error prism the following practices to avoid dental drama(been there, got the bills to prove it).I am a Self-taughter- common-sencer in the health field and don’t have all the answers, but here is what have worked for me.
The Easybreazy ”Green and Green” holy grail: Salt+Baking soda+Essential oils (clean and alkaline-remember?)

Holystic,dead simple, cheap.Clean,green,alkaline. And it doesn’t come with a link to click and buy preformulated commercial or organic concoctions.Remember,your gums absorb each and every chemical that is included as “ingredients” in the supermarket toothpastes and mouthwashes. All toothpastes make a barrier of glycerine on the teeth which would require 20 rinses to get it off.Also the new age expensive organic concoctions-dental soaps,and powders and what- nots -they are  are just glorified salt,baking soda,oils and some essential oils in a pretty package-why pay for a package and fixed ingredients, when you can do your own preservative-free, home made cheap concoction.Fresh,Green and good for the Green in your wallet.

Easybreazy mouth alkalizator (bacteria terminator)- ph 8.2
In a bottle mix Filtered water + few tea spoons baking soda(ph 8.2) or
Filtered water+ few tea spoons salt-good alkalizer,kills bacteria in your mouth by dehydrating it.
Keep it next to your toothpaste, or in a small traveling size bottle for work.

Easybreazy ”Green and Green”(natural and doesn’t cost much green) toothpaste

3 tb spoons baking soda
1.5 tb spoon salt
3 tb spoon Coconut oil (optional)
10 drops clove oil (antibacterial king)+10 drops peppermint oil
Put in in a glass jar on your sink and dip your tooth brush

Easybreazy ”Green and Green” mouth wash
Fill a clean bottle with filtered water+few drops to taste peppermint, clove,or sweet orange essential oil.

After every meal:

1.Floss-floss-floss.Then floss again.
2..Rinse your mouth with water and swish –swish with the Easybreazy alkalizator (especially after fruits,smoothies,juices who have high acidic level.)
3.Do not brush at this point-enamel is most vulnerable in the first 20-30 min after meal-hard brush+softened teeth enamel=dental erosions.
4.After 30 min brush  with Easybreazy toothpaste, or any glycerine-free fluoride- free toothpaste (read my previous post about fluoride dangers)
5.Rinse with Easybreazy mouth rinse for final bacteria kill and fresh breath.
Best essential oils to use in your home made toothpaste, or mouth wash are:
Clove, peppermint,sage,sweet orange.Experiment.
Put 1 drop of oregano oil on toothbrush to stop bleeding gums-it tighten the gums too.
Use a straw whenever drinking acid -lemon water, orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc.
Consolidate your meals.Nibbling=Acid bath in your mouth=Hello dentures.
And don’t forget to eat your dark leafy greens for teeth rebuilding (magnesium), crucifers (calcium), seaweed (lots of minerals).
If you are at work and can’t brush,just rinse your mouth with water immediately after you eat.Better yet, carry a small travel size bottle with the Easybreazy mouth alkalizator.It’ the single most important thing you can do for your teeth.It works for me.

Don’t forget to eat your greens.
Being green is a win-win and saves you green.

P.S.All the images in this post are from my own,natural teeth,which improved tremendously with the above mentioned easy and cheap techniques.Simple is best.