Pumpkin to pump you up

Pumpkins are chock-full of anti-oxidants such as vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-E. Also very low calorie and full of fiber,potassium
magnesium and pantothenic acid.Good stuff to keep your body and arteries young.It makes great pre and post workout snack-it fill’s you up and give’s you energy.Real pump-up food…
Easybreazy to prepare it- wash,cut,de-seed,bake around 50 min.(use baking paper if you hate washing up as much as I do).And eat.

No complicated recipes,no washing up.Simple and filling.Easybreazy.

P.S. Hmm… Pump-pumped up-pumpkin-same root,coincidence?
Or is that a great vegetable or what?
So pumped up…


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