The Vintage Diaries-Men and the City

Vintage men’s fashion

Dandy’s in the city

I am smart and know it. Smartly dressed and smart-I know!!

Aaa,when casual was casually suited and jeans were not yet rooted…

Men in black,and they got the girl,or so they think.
Man 1-I am The-Looker,she is mine.
Man 2-I will throw down my glove,duel Looker- boy and win her over-she is mine!
The Man with the trilby in the background-Keep talking,bitches,I got the Money.She is mine.Done and done.
The (happy?)end.

Vintage bathing suits-5, beer belies-zero.

A gentleman must always have his suit jacket at the ready,
even during his daily workout with the shovel.It’s the law.


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