Top 7 D.I.Y. tips for gorgeous long curly hair

Long blond natural curly hair without blow drying or scrunching

This one is for the curly-wurlies with long locks.
Straight from the easybreazy,guinea-pig, trial and error, live and learn laboratory.

-Let your hair dry naturally,even in the winter.Hair dryer is #1 enemy for your hair.Very damaging,especially on curly,dry,chemically treated(colored)hair like moi.The heat damages to the hair shaft,making it brittle,weak and lacklustre.I stopped fighting the curl and haven’t used blow dryer since the year 2000. I had to come with routine to make it look silky and healthy,run-your-fingers-through without involving a blow dry.

Well,after much trial and error(see exhibit 4 for the error part)
I nailed the perfect do-it-yourself routine for healthy,frizz-free,bouncy long hair.

-After shampooing and  conditioning towel dry.Pat.Do not rub!Put some anti-frizz serum in your hands and distribute it through the hair  using a wide tooth comb.Bio silk, Kerastase Oleo relax or Dr.Organic Moroccan oil are my current favorites, which I alternate.Expensive,but worth every penny.

-Put a wide  head band (the hard variety, not the soft fabric ones) on your hair to keep it all smooth around your face. If you want more slikked-close- to- your- head look, do a tight ponytail, let it dry, then undo the ponytail.

-Do not touch hair after you have combed through your anti-frizz product.
Let it dry naturally-very important!That’s when the magic happens and your natural curls appear in their full glory, undisturbed by heat or hand.

-Do not scrunch when wet.It’s an old wives (and some hairdressers) tale,that it makes the curls more springy and defined.It just creates frizzy, stringy ,too curly pudel-merino sheep-like  look.

-After your hair have dried completely, remove the head band and liiiightly! run the tips of your fingers through the roots of your hair.
Do not comb!Please.

-If you want more tousled, surfer girl look,instead of anti-frizz serum spray your locks with a salt water solution-
2 spoons of sea salt in 300gr.water in a spritz bottle-creates very dreadlocky, child of the sea look.
Better yet-after swim in the sea,don’t rinse,touch or comb your hair.Let it dry on the sun.Make sure to fill bottle with sea water after a day on the beach for more touch-ups.

Just came out of swimming in the sea,carefree wild hair natural look

Aaand bounce.

In short, for the long haired curly wurlies:

Your worst enemies-The hair dryer and the comb (and don’t even think about hair-brush).Brr.Here is why:

Excuse my beauty

See what happens when comb meets dry hair.Curly-wurly not so curly, just wurly.And burly.And I can’t-believe-I-left-the-house-looking -like-that.

Unless  you aim for hay- like-drabby-birdnest .

Always comb hair when wet…Never dry.

Your best friend-a good anti-frizz ,nourishing product, applied on wet hair!.
Or the almighty sea.

Stay bouncy, curly-wurlies.
The grass is not greener on the other(straight as pin) side.
Embrace the Curl.


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