D.I.Y.- Creative Old Bag Makeover

Sad old stained bag ready for makeover

Call this an Old bag rescue mission.
I found this white leather bag lying in the free-to-take bin in front of my local charity shop.
Most People saw Sad old stained bag,and nobody wanted it,even though it was free.
Looking at it, I immediately imagine  it playing a vintagey-rock-en-rolly-jazzy part of my black-and white-outfits.
I thank you, Most people, for the opportunity you gave me to take this old bag home and give it some new life.
I cleaned it and glued 2 big black buttons and 2 black coin purses in the front.Then cut some old studdy(studly?) belt and glued it front and to the straps.
Voila!-Old bag with a new Studs and a Money Shot.

Old bag with a new Studs and a Money Slots.

Black and white bag accessorized with black and white watches and leather bracelets

Mama’s  got a brand new bag

Old bags have such a bad reputation.Give them a chance.
And a makeover.It can be fun.


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