Artsy green way to create black and white outfit out of recycled materials

Rrr! My favorite grrreeting sound.It also means reduce,reuse,recycle(RRR).
My favorite activity-to extend  the life of old unwanted things,by giving them a different role than before.
You know,more artsy and unexpected one.Case in point-this whole look is made of recycled materials.

Black and white upcycled outfit with black and white shoes

Corset-made out of old bag,leather choker-harnessy-necklace made out of old leather corset,arm warmers made out of knee-socks ,corset straps made out of old suspenders and mirrorified with mirrors from and old chandelier,old leather jacket cut up and studdified and mirrorified,with studs from old belt and mirrors from disco ball.See,circle of life,basically.
This stretchy corset was  too small in the breast region,but fitted fine in the waist, so I cut up the top part and make it underbust-waist cincher.Still too plain for my taste,though.
It sat for quite a while in my massive pile of semi finished- just-started-and now-where-is-that-special-thing-to make -it-ooo,aaaa!-projects.
Then came the perfect accompaniment for it ,in a form of a bling-bling  bag at a flea market.I cut up the front panel of the bag and sew it very carefully(with leather needle and much huffing and puffing) on the corset.Also attached a black and white blingy broshe in the top middle part.For extra support I added the straps,made of old suspenders and attached small diamond brads and mirrors, taken from an old chandelier.
I had this open bust leather corset for a while (not shown,just tried to recreate the top part on the before-ish image).Yet somehow it never got used for it’s intended??? purpose.But the leather was sooo soft and divine, and the straps were very strappy looking with shiny metal rings and buttons on them.I just had to  come up with new role for it.

Before-ish and after

After my sccisors treatment it became 2 new accessoires -one choker and one wide belt-stockingy-belty-kinda thingy (subject of a future post).
The choker closes with velcro at the back (see exhibit 1).I also added a middle strap with a metal charm.It can be worn as harnessy-thing, attached to the suspender-straps,or just as a choker with dangling straps.

Leather choker ,mirrors suspenders and corset made from old bag

The black thingies on my arms are former knee-high socks.With the heel part cut off.It adds nice contrast to white shirt.Very easy to take off if you feel warm, or to put on if cold-great for layering in the winter, without having to wear bulky wooly things.

Leather jacket with studs, mirrors, and sequined back

This leather jacket was 2 sizes too big for me and also very dowdy and frumpy looking,but the leather was soft and collar was good,so I parted with 2 euro!!!! and brought it home from a charity shop.After my sccisor-and needle-treatment (cut  very short),I attached studs,taken out of old leather gothic belt.Then ,armed with a flat screwdriver,I stripped a disco ball of its mirrors(It took aaaages),glued the mirrors between the studs.On the back side,sewed a sequined patch, taken out of an old blouse.

And there you have it-an entire outfit made of recycled materials.
Circle completed-out with the old, in with the new-old.
Don’t just recycle-upcycle!


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