D.I.Y.Home Decoration creations for small spaces

Mirror, mirror on the wall-who is the best bejeweled of them all…
This is our  mirror room-make up room-boiler room-wash up room.Basically a brick-a-brack little space with a big old gorgeous sink(not shown) full with our beauty products and accessoires.We call it the 3D room,since the mirrors are strategically placed, so we can check from all the angles our heads and hair style.
The mirrors also are a big space openers for a small rooms like this.

Painted mirror with stones

Mirror,mirror on the wall

Mirrors and racks and flowers and frames

The rack in the corner is CD rack, which I use to hang my hair stuff and hair flowers.On top of it sits a mosaiced picture frame,which I upgraded to mirrored  and stoned frame.The 3 green dots creation next to the towel rack,is a cut up floor tile,painted yellow and then with swirly green dots.Picture frames also painted by hand.

Painted mirror-suns and frames

The suns were previously silver dull color,so I had to give them my easybreazy painting brush treatment to fit the color concept of the 3d room.Glass plate on top of the big mirror-hand painted with green and bejeweled with little mirrors and stones.I hate with passion middle of the ceiling lights, so instead we have many spots lights and a disco ball,which creates very whimsical atmosphere when slowly rotating from the ceiling.

I hope I inspired you to see the possibility of even small,humble,unassuming place to become your own art gallery.
With your own touch and creations.
And memories.
Surround yourself with beauty.


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