D.I.Y.-How to stylishly repair a hole in knitwear

File this under: I hate when that happens or
When you love labels (as in brand)
but hate labels(as in itchy,annoying patches sewn with the hardest,almost barb-wire treads).
So you screw up.Your favorite brand new sweater.With an X-ACTO style cutting knife, trying to remove the annoying,itchy label t-t-t-ickling your neck.Ugh.
One problem solved.Except that now you have a gaping hole caused by your knife.Damn these tight stitches.
Fear not,my label haters with sensitive necks.Here is your chance to make a lemonade(You know, when- life- gives- you lemons,make- a- lemonade- thing).
You need some leather-in any matching or contrasting color,pinking shears ,needle and tread.

Leather patch and pinking shears

First,lightly and as flatly as possible mend the hole with needle and tread.Cut the leather patch with the pinking shears and sew on both sides, so you can’t see the mending stitches.Easybreazy and stylish.Tip-to avoid my not so perfect stitches(see below),don’t pre-cut the leather at the exact  size needed-it’s too difficult to sew while trying to keep both sides aligned.First sew a roughly cut, bigger patches on both sides at the same time ,and then, using the pinking shears do the precision cut.

Hole in sweater mended with leather patch

I use  soooft leather for the patches, since is the most luxurious and perfectly matching fabric for the knitwear.In my opinion.
And it doesn’t itch!!!


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