Wear your collectibles outfit-steampunk meet police meet road assistance creation

My ever present outfit inspiration is music and
mix and match seemingly un-matchable matches-
police uniform(hat),love for anything car and race car related-
the metal plates on my harness),steam punk (the shoes) and
2 frilly dresses worn on top of each other with jacket on top of all that.
It all started with staple in my music library-THE 80’S and
Falco’s song  ”DER COMMISSAR


German police hat

Thus the vintage German police hat.

Alles klar herr kommisar

Alles klar herr kommissar

Then came my latest collectible -2 vintage metal plates with insignia from a real ANWB car (road assistance abreviation in Holland)
I made a harness from 2 belts and suspenders and then saw the metal plates in front.


Steampunk shoes


Steampunk meets German police meets Road assistance(ANWB)

Then came the shoes-metal,tweed and leather steampunk style.

Back belt

Front and back side of my harness with collectible plates

I also added vintage metal ”grapes”looking belt-just because.
Aaa, THE 80’s…
Love,love ,love wearing collectibles.
Hope I inspired you to take yours from their dusty cabinets or mantelpieces and wear them any way you like.
As Franco would sing-”Alles klar?”(All right?).


Quirky daily outfit- funky creation- recreation from recycled materials

Re-purposing old  things gives me a great purpose.And pleasure.It’s also green and fresh way to add more life to old things.

Recycled materials outfit

Fusion funky outfit made of recycled materials-license plate,old bag,old zippers.

Black stretch belt with genuine license plate attached

Skirt with recycled zippers and silver tape around

Old black bolero jacket with old bag cut and sewn on the back side.

Old bag bolero jacke

Big zipper taken from old leather bag and sewn on the back of skirt, together with 2 small zippers.

License to chill

They say that fashion is the well forgotten old  which eventually comes back in vogue.
Well, I  don’t forget my  old and make my own trend with recycled ”not in fashion”old bits and bobs.
It’s more fun that way.

Chearfull artsy winter outfit with yellow and green rubber corset creation

Color me yellow

Chirpy-chirp big bird style.Warm and fuzzy and colorful.Chase the winter blues with canary colors.,creative layering and fake fur bolero jacket.Add yellow and green shawls when outdoors.

Yellow and green corset

Corset made from friendship rubber bracelets,green shoe lace and aerobic rubber band.
Yellow hat.Vintage Ray-ban sunglasses.

Yellow and green corset with yellow and green watch

Funky accessory touch-yellow and green rubber watches to match the yellow and green rubber on corset.

Corset back side

Corset back side made from rubber aerobic band and reflective tape.

Stay cheerful.Stay warm.Stay stylish.Big bird style.Chirp-chirp.

Creative fusion outfit-Vintage hat with veil,Modern sport top redefined and golden flower belt

Go for gold fusion outfit

Sport top slashed and braided

You don’t need to be an old lady to wear vintage grandma hat.
You don’t need to be bride or  a special occasion to wear  a birdcage veil.
You don’t need to be in the gym to wear a sport top on a formal(ish) occasion.
You don’t need to wear a flower hair piece on your hair only.
All you need is color sense,scissors and imagination.

Flower power belt

Belt-simple black belt,decorated with 3 big golden flowers(formerly hair pieces ,with the elastic cut out and sewn into the belt)

A view from the (slashed) top

Yellow-gold top-former sport top, very snug fit with lots of elastane.Cut horizontally with scissors on sleeves and middle part,then braided.

Golden girl with golden age hat and veil

Hat-vintage, with attached satin flower pin with birdcage veil.
Don’t be afraid of
occasion inappropriate?,
strictly 1 purpose?,
”you’ll look ridiculous”?notions-shmotions.
Do your own thing and go for the gold.

Friday Inspiration-Play,Have fun and Don’t take Yourself too Seriously

Just because.In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.
Even during boring sock shopping.
Happy friday!

Warm and fuzzy feeling

”All animals,except man,know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.”
Samuel Butler

Bright Outfit with The Perfect Fashion Accessory-Buddha Hands

My favorite things-fruits and bright colors.Better yet-freaky fruits with bright colors.

In hands with Buddha hands

In the hand of Buddha -Le freak,Ce chic

My newest fruit discovery-Buddha hand.On a casual saturday shopping trip buddha hand lend a helping hand to accessorize my outfit.
In the perfect shade of yellow with pink cover matching my skirt and hat.
I love when that happens.
Buddha hands-le freak,ce chic.

Inspiration of the day-What It Is by Erich Fried

Aspiring and Inspiring-Young conductor faces the music and conducts big band orchestra

What it is
by Erich Fried

It is nonsense
says reason
It is what it is
says love

It is calamity
says calculation
It is nothing but pain
says fear
It is hopeless
says insight
It is what it is
says love

It is ludicrous
says pride
It is foolish
says caution
It is impossible
says experience
It is what it is
says love.

Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.…

On my to do list today:”Eat chocolate”.
Well, at least I got one thing done.

The candy freak and chocolate keeper-cart full of chocolates

The 12-step chocolate program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!”

Nestled with Nestle-it’s a love thing

Aaa.Chocolate: luscious, lumpy,load of love……
Happy friday,chocolate lovers!

Creative use of old bow ties- a corset-waist cincher

Old bow ties

Aaand there we are again with my obsessionfavorite things-bling-bling,corsets and suspenders.Here is my latest creation.A waist cincher-winter fighter-corset,which doubles as thermal under overwear.It consists of 3 old bow ties,cut and sewn into a thick 16 cm elastic.With sewn stones from a bracelet in between.Yep,sometimes a buy brand new bracelets and necklaces , just so I can cut them and use them for my creations,since the supplies in the so called craft shops are very limited for my taste and very expensive too.I added big bling stones, taken also from a new necklace.Last came the orange  tassels and orange giant shoe string on the back.The corset-waist cincher closes with zipper on the back side.On top of the waist cincher you see another elastic belt,worn front side back, with attached suspenders,blingified with sewable stones and also worn backside front.With 3 big bling-blings glued to the leather patch in front.Bonus point of the corset-it keeps quite warm in the winter,since it fits snug to the body.I just add a black fur- imitation bolero jacket and orange scarf,gloves,orange hat and shoes and winter -schminter can kiss my …leather glove.In other words, this is the Easybreazy version of thermal under and over-wear.

Waist cincher

Waist cincher with orange bag hat and shoes

Front and back of the corset

Back side of the corset with leather lining and orange shoe string