Creative use of old bow ties- a corset-waist cincher

Old bow ties

Aaand there we are again with my obsessionfavorite things-bling-bling,corsets and suspenders.Here is my latest creation.A waist cincher-winter fighter-corset,which doubles as thermal under overwear.It consists of 3 old bow ties,cut and sewn into a thick 16 cm elastic.With sewn stones from a bracelet in between.Yep,sometimes a buy brand new bracelets and necklaces , just so I can cut them and use them for my creations,since the supplies in the so called craft shops are very limited for my taste and very expensive too.I added big bling stones, taken also from a new necklace.Last came the orange  tassels and orange giant shoe string on the back.The corset-waist cincher closes with zipper on the back side.On top of the waist cincher you see another elastic belt,worn front side back, with attached suspenders,blingified with sewable stones and also worn backside front.With 3 big bling-blings glued to the leather patch in front.Bonus point of the corset-it keeps quite warm in the winter,since it fits snug to the body.I just add a black fur- imitation bolero jacket and orange scarf,gloves,orange hat and shoes and winter -schminter can kiss my …leather glove.In other words, this is the Easybreazy version of thermal under and over-wear.

Waist cincher

Waist cincher with orange bag hat and shoes

Front and back of the corset

Back side of the corset with leather lining and orange shoe string


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