Wear your collectibles outfit-steampunk meet police meet road assistance creation

My ever present outfit inspiration is music and
mix and match seemingly un-matchable matches-
police uniform(hat),love for anything car and race car related-
the metal plates on my harness),steam punk (the shoes) and
2 frilly dresses worn on top of each other with jacket on top of all that.
It all started with staple in my music library-THE 80’S and
Falco’s song  ”DER COMMISSAR


German police hat

Thus the vintage German police hat.

Alles klar herr kommisar

Alles klar herr kommissar

Then came my latest collectible -2 vintage metal plates with insignia from a real ANWB car (road assistance abreviation in Holland)
I made a harness from 2 belts and suspenders and then saw the metal plates in front.


Steampunk shoes


Steampunk meets German police meets Road assistance(ANWB)

Then came the shoes-metal,tweed and leather steampunk style.

Back belt

Front and back side of my harness with collectible plates

I also added vintage metal ”grapes”looking belt-just because.
Aaa, THE 80’s…
Love,love ,love wearing collectibles.
Hope I inspired you to take yours from their dusty cabinets or mantelpieces and wear them any way you like.
As Franco would sing-”Alles klar?”(All right?).


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