Golden eyes meets the all- leather dark knight meets furry monkey creative outfit

I was born in the year of the monkey,so it’s only natural that everything shiny  and gold-y and and glimmering catches my attention.
But of course!Even if it’s in a hardware store and it’s supposed to be a door handle part.Technically speaking , these shiny golden metal rings are called escutcheons, but I rather call them golden eyes. I don’t discriminate by assigned purpose.One man door handle is another monkey- love- golden eye outfit.With just a touch of  urban industrial.


Golden eye leather outfit

The minute I lay my eyes on these ”golden eyes” I knew that they can be perfect for my dark-knight all leather skirt and a jacket.


Golden eye skirt

First I attached them by hand on my leather skirt,using leather needle and strong tread.



Also added some ”love” in the mix-in a form of an wide elastic belt with golden letters


Golden cap

Next came an old vinyl gold coaster which I cut with pinking shears and sew in the middle and sides of a simple black cap.
Followed by the 2 golden eyes, or more like golden horns-ha,monkey with horns?

Golden eye hat

Golden eye hat


Golden eye skirt and golden eye gloves

I dug out some old leather gloves and sew 2 more golden eyes on them.

Golden boot

Golden boot

Couldn’t resist to goldy-fy my boots too.

Winter monkey

Winter monkey

Aaand here I am,”funking the dumb stuff” in zero degree weather monkey outfit, completed with gorilla like fake fur hooded jacket and furry bag.

Inspired by ”Funk the dumb stuff ” Tower of power number:
(click on my facebook page to listen.,if you like.)
From their ”Monster on a leash” album.
How very fitting…

Stay cool, but warm and ”Fu..nk the dumb stuff”.


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