D.I.Y. Creative Sparkling Space Girl-Disco Queen Purple Outfit for The Holidays

Holiday outfit inspiration.Add some purple sparkle to a grey gay and make it a gray(t) day.With 100 % recycled materials.


Space Girl  purple sparkling outfit

I started with long purple dress found in the carnival section of a thrift shop.First I washed it with warm water , so 1/3 of the color run off and turn from purple to silver.Then cut it short and added the 2 fake silver pocket flaps , made from silver sparkling pillow case.Also created an silver sparkling  apron from another pillow case .


Sparkling purple outfit with silver belt

Next came the silver belt.Using a rubber hammer, I banged an old arm bangle into straight shape and attached it to an elastic belt.


Purple sparkling outfit

For added warmth added  purple arm warmers made from cut up knee socks  and purple cashmere shawl.
This space girl purple creation is especially effective on the sunny day or disco night with strobe lights.
Your Space girl-Disco queen Wishes you a Happy Holiday Season !
Stay Creative.


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