Street style first hero/icon of the 2013

Take notes,68 year old ones,
especially the ones with broken ribs!
This is how you do it.

Style hero

Style hero

During my walk yesterday,I saw this blue and camel vision on our streets and asked him to pose with me.Thank you,Mr Style.

Style icon

Style icon with blue shoes and broken rib

Vintage well worn leather jacket-check!
Matching  rucksack on back-check!
Vintage gentleman hat-check!
Leather gloves -check!
Elvis blue pants-check!
Blue, not suede shoes-ckeck!
Vintage wooden kane with silver handle-check!
Vintage shawl-check!
Daily paper to keep with the world-check!
Style,attitude and quirkiness-check!
Smile,positivity and the hell with broken rib-check,check and double check.
How can that 68 year old dandy not be my first style icon/hero of the year.?
Indeed, under his leather jacket he was hiding a broken rib(result of a freaky accident),but that doesn’t stopped him to honor the bland streets with his stylishness.
This is how the real dandy’s do it.Even with broken rib.Or a missing jacket button.

Amazingness and awesomeness.

If only more people made the effort…


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