Street(or field,or sky) Style Stylish Heroes/Icons Photos Welcomed

Dear fellow creativists,originalists and non-comformists,
feel free to send more nominations for  style icon/hero of the month or year 2013.
Via my facebook page

Facebook like creative

Facebook like creative

As you can see from my previous post,
age,weight,height or professional photos ,camera or skills are  not a factor to be a stylish icon.
All you need is simple camera,sense of style ,guts and attitude.
Anything goes.
Accept ugh(as in uggggly-baad for your feet) boots,
fleece or
the ever present LV or Chanel B.O.R.I.N.G. bag with
ugly,in your face logos screaming
I -desperately -wanna -fit-in-so -I-busted-My -mom-fiance-lover-stolen?credit card to carry around this overrated ,every other Tom,Dick and Harry ”cool”-wannabe favorite bag.
Have you ever stopped in your tracks  with awe, excitement and bewonderment on the street  over a somebody( and just other 10 million more people)carrying ”the” omnipresent LV and Chanel bag and thought:
”Gee, that’s so beautiful and original,I am gonna get me some of that too,asap.So I can blend with my fellow 10 million plus victims of a brilliant marketing strategy.Marketing genius,designed to entice the sheepish masses into a spending frenzy and bland worshiping of  a overrated,overhyped,overpriced piece of leather(if real),or canvas(if fake).
More rhymed musings on the subject can be read at
Message conveyed,I hope.
Send in those funky,crazy,creative,original street(or field or sky) shots,please.
Because Inspiration is everywhere.


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