Recycled bicycle tire outfit with a touch of vintage leather,spandex and golden chains

A.k.a. the 6 th way to wear all black outfit.(previous ways here


Bicycle tire creation

With mostly recycled materials.Mixing different textures.Rubber-apron,leather-jacket,gloves and shoes,spandex-leggings,chiffon- full skirt,velvet-cap,knitted sweater and glittering gold,gold gold anything-chains,belt,decorations on shoes and gloves,bag with golden chains.I know.Too much Mr.T influence.Then again,I’ve always been from the ”More is more” brigade,so bring it on..Inspired by Dexter (the apron!) and Mr.T (the chains)

Bicycle creation with leather bolero jacket

Bicycle tire apron creation with leather bolero jacket

In Holland every cat and dog rides bicycle, so it was only natural to use and old bicycle tires to create this look.


Bicycle tire apron and leather bolero

For the bolero leather jacket, I used  vintage leather jacket(circa 80’s) with huge sleeves.Big and dowdy,with lots of rhinestones applications(think Elvis from the 80’s?).So I cut the sleeves and sew them together.Then added the belt from the same jacket.Bam!Leather bolero made from sleeves alone.


Black rubber apron and leather jacket with golden chains

Demonstrating the full skirt feature of this outfit.Worn with spandex leggings.While trying to look DEXTER-esque with my rubber apron, putting a leather glove..Side note-I am a huge Dexter fan.


Rubber apron front and back view

For the apron,I cut the strips,then wove them and put the lining.Then made the suspenders.

Annd there you have it-my Dexter meets Mr.T outfit.


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