Vintage brown leather and cream creation inspired by suitcase

Vintage creation with a touch of D.I.Y. Inspired by a vintage suitcase.Corset and pleated skirt,customized with leather flaps, crocheted gloves,glasses and hats-all vintage.All the pieces you see here were bought at the different times,but with the same thought in mind-to match the suitcase.So it took around half year to find the missing pieces.


Vintage brown leather and cream look 1

As per usual ,I first  buy the button and then build a coat around it.So to speak.In  that case my ”button”was the vintage suitcase.I found this leather and cream little case thrown!! on the street,in front of my local charity shop.Lucky for me,somebody doesn’t appreciate the slightly beaten up face of it and doesn’t care about history,so I rescued this real treasure.Next became the hunt for outfit to match  it’s vintageness.First came the midcalf length pleated vintage skirt,which I cut short.Followed by the same color corset.Too plain for my taste, I desided to add 2 thick leather flaps with little metal suspenders for more vintagey and matching my suitcase look


Vintage brown leather and cream look 2

For this look I added a  handbag,hat ,bow belt and crocheted gloves-all vintage.


Vintage brown leather and cream look 3

Here I put a cassette tape belt(not vintage,but cassette tapes are practically vintage nowadays,so that may count).Worn with different vintage hat(who by the way starred in this vintagey look- finish the look I added the vintage fur hand muff-also doubles as a bag,with little mirror inside.Vintage sunglasses.Two tone italian leather shoes-contemporary,but they give extremely vintage vibe.

Aaand that’s how this humble suitcase inspired me to put all this.It look good as a decoration in my living room and inside I store my leather scraps for future projects.It also looks good as a weekend trip stylish bag.Beauty and function in one.Perfect.


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