Vintage Ga!lamour Gal at the Gala

Here is your Ga!lamour Gal at the Gala.In vintage and D.I.Y. creation.


Vintage Ga!lamour

Just playing and having fun with vintage clothing.And themes-70’s;-India;-80’s;-60’s
70’s -the skirt.
India-the chiffon shirt with silver sequins.
80’s  stretch glittering tube top –part of my aerobics outfit from the late 80’s(yes,I was one of those die- hard Jane Fonda aerobics craze fans,with  made by my mom woolen!!!!knitted legwarmers!(shudder!!!) and headband to boot-and it was NOT pretty…).)
Golden stretch belt with fuschia metal hearts and sequins flowers-made by me.
60’s-knitted vintage black and silver hand bag
and the ever present vintage sunglasses-for adding more drama(or laugh)


Vintage ga!lamour outfit

Variation of the same outfit- added  silver belt and wore the chiffon shirt tied in front


Vintage ga!lamour

Mixing the Un-say’s-who-mixable can be fun.
Ga!lamour definition here


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