Colorful outfit to bring the spring in style

Colorful self made creation to try to bring the spring mood here in Holland.
It’s already march and not much springness in the air,just wind and cackling birds,desperately seeking the spring arrival.Or at least some food or mate.Just like the birds ,I like to cackle loudly,but with colors.More like color explosions to chase the winter. What better way to get in the mood than the bright cheerfullness of neon,pink,yellow and green?.Fake it, till you make it bring the spring.


Colorful outfit

For the bright patches on this coat/dress I used old neopren-ish sport jacket material and some reflective tape key chain straps and trims.Canary yellow,green and blue flower on top of my head.


Colorful bright outfit

Also added reflective tape on a spandex gloves.Boots pimped out with some bright pink rubber like hard strings ,found in a children store.Skirt H&M.Black shirt slashed in front and added bright shoe strings.


Jazz hands and colorful outfit

Jazz hands for the spring.
Spring,where are you?


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