Convertible converts as a delivery track or Daily Saving tip

Emphasis on convertible.That’s what they do.Convert.Into delivery track in this case.That’s one  way to save a buck or two on  delivery costs.And it’s not the first time.In the past we have transported a big fridge,a mattress,a small fridge,a freezer,a table,and longer rack,even when it rains,so we are getting our money worth of our convertible…Topless is the way to go in that case.

Convertible converts into delivery track

Convertible converts into delivery track

Today I bought this white rack.
The good news is that I saved on delivery cost.The bad news is that  during my OH-so-carefull-trip back home,the lightweight metal  rack suddenly flew in the air,blown by the wind and almost hit the driver behind me,landing right in the middle of the road.Luckily no damage to him or my car,or the rack.Pheeeew.Note to self-always carry a  rope in the trunk,you never know.

And that’s the 16 reason why I love my all American,metal,sturdy,old school, topless car-beauty,sportness,sturdiness,roomfullness and functionality.Oldy,but goody.Girl’s best friend.


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