Creative petrol spill meets peacock hologram outfits

This is the artsy peacock slips on a petrol spill creative look.Totally obsessed with this shiny hologrammy,petrol spilly,peacocky colored materials lately.It reflects the light and shines and changes colors.The problem is,it’s hard to find in my local fabric store.So when I saw these hand bag ,


Blue green bag

I jumped with joy and bought 4 of it,so I can create these outfits.Petrol -spill- peacock hooray!


Petrol spill outfit

Waist cincher -corset made from the cut up bag.Also matching leg warmers?spats?

Corset front-I call it bermuda triangle


Corset just play

Corset back-I call it just press play,since the inspiration for it  were the cd player buttons-play,pause,fast forward,fast backward.

It goes without saying that the front and the back of the corset are interchangeable.Whatever the mood.


Blue green peacockish flower with veil

Matching headband with veil in peacock color.


Petrol spill hologram shiny creative outfit

For this apron base I also used old cut up mesh bag,petrol spill patches from my other bag,and golden metal belt,made by me.


Petrol spill hologram apron with matching belt and hat

Hat with golden metal with blue stone made by me.

And that was this weeks favorites outfit of mine.What’s yours?


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