Hats Off for the Unsung Visionaries and Heroes of Our Time

Nicola Tesla literally invented the modern world,and over 50 years before we could  even figure out how to understand his inventions, let alone use them.

Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla

”Those who dance, are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music”
Hats off to the Mad Scientist for ”hearing the music”(of the universe).
For wanting to make the world a better place.
All without sense of self and wanting credit for it…
Hats off !
For The Modern World Inventor who ”heard the music”,before anyone else.

P.S.      Laughing all the way to the bank, the 4 Mammoths of modern technology bragged:

  • Wikipedia said, “I know everything!”
    Facebook said, “I know everybody!”
    Google said, “I can find anything!”
    Internet said, “You’re nothing without me!”
    Electricity said, “Keep talking, bitches…”
    Without Nicola Tesla,none of these modern inventions would be possible.
    HATS OFF!!!

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