Metallic Light-Catcher Corset made from scuba diving suit

Aaahh.The Light Catchers.Shiny  metals and mirrored ,light reflecting materials.Always my favorite,even before the 2013 metal,mirror,hologram trend trended on.
To me , there is something timeless about it…Like a dream catchers, but instead of dreams, they catch light.Or may be both.


Easybreazy couture metal corset

So I got an old neoprene scuba outfit,metal collar,silver belts,and silver cuff bracelets and got busy with it.Aaand voila-Easybreazy couture newest addition.The Light-Catcher Corset.


Easybreazy couture scuba corset with metal

Top 2 ”wings”-made from metal collar.Metal belt on the waist of corset-made form old silver cuff. Belt below made from fluffy pom-poms and metal chain.Shoe clips,made from black leather and silver metal bows glued together.


Scuba metal corset

Black leather gloves with studs.

Scuba corset back side

Scuba corset back side

Back side finished with heart shaped zipper and 2 metal ”blobs”,taken from bracelet-the other 3 ”blobs” sewn in front, to imitate buttons.


Shiny bag and Easybreazy couture metal corset

Metallic bag and metallic hat.This corset can be worn on it’s own, or on top of 2 layers of clothing(damn that cold ”spring???dutch weather!)


Metallic Ralph Lauren Polo handbag and self made metallic corset

I  bought this Ralph Lauren Polo sport bag in 2004,fascinated by it’s mirrored-shiny almost blinding  front.Timeless piece,which as you can see, comes back in fashion in 2013.

Aaand this is how you wear normally underwear (the corset) as an outerwear (instead of jacket, on top of 2 knitted sweaters).


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