On yer bicycle of the week round up

In Holland every cat and dog has a bicycle (see pic 2),so you need to step up your game if you wanna get noticed among the sea of 2 wheelers.
Here are my recent HUH?! favorites


Wooden bicycle

Made in Holland.Made of wood.Pretty good.

Doggie in a bycycle basket

Doggie in a bicycle basket

A bike with a build -in-bike-alarm.Or rather bark-in-bike alarm.Looking menacing and tough too.


Pimped up bicycle

All pimped up and chromed up.


Aluminum foil wrapped bicycle

O.K. Chromed up is a bit of overstatement, but aluminum foil looks just like chrome in the right lightning.Or if you squint really hard.Bonus points for thoroughness though.No part was left out of the metal hug of the aluminum foil.

On yer bike!


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