Raw food on a budget-Mango madness

Eating raw and organic doesn’t have to be expensive.All it takes is knowing your numbers and a little prep.
I eat raw till down,so that entails going trough kilograms of fruits and greenery for my green creation  http://wp.me/p2iumO-4Z and morning juice  http://wp.me/p2iumO-3G.  It  can be very costly if you buy with no planning..But I found a way to still get a killer nutrition for the fraction of the normal price.How?By buying in bulk and then freezing them in one of my 3 freezers.Having 3 freezers is a justified expense, since in the long run saves a lot of money on expensive and exotic fruits and so.I freeze strawberries,bananas,khaki fruit,mangoes,papayas,kiwis.
Mangoes are my favorite fruit to add to my smoothies,so I must have them year round at the ready.Last friday I got a lot of them from my ”mango dealer ”for a wholesale price.


Juicy ripe mango’s

In they went in my (6)green buckets.Pic shows just half of my purchase..All juicy and squeashy-squashy,but perfectly good to add to my everyday smoothies.


Mango prep for freezing

Next came the hard part with these softies, leaking juice everywhere.Peeling,de-pitting,while they squirted yellow puree-like everywhere.


Ready to freeze mangoes

Aaand just after an hour of hard labour,and 2 small garbage bins full of peeled skins and pits ,I have round 5-6 months worth of cheap mangoes for my green creation.Stored in individual plastic bags in my freezer.Raw,organic,cheap and sweet.NO preservatives added.Just a bit of hard labour.

Fun fact.Mangoes are one of the safest fruit to buy non organic with very low pesticide levels,since the skin is peeled..No wonder they are called king fruit.Long live the king!


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