Shi shi shi shi,Beverly Hills Darling,bling bling bling

That’s pretty much sums up my latest look ,inspired by the ”faboloos”Kevin Lee wedding planner from ”The real housewives of Beverly Hills”.

As per usial,I created the whole look starting with the accesories first.Bling,bling,da-h-ling,shi,shi,shi.


My bling bling faceless watch

My bling-bling watch with no face for more p’zaaz.You can make your own, by removing the face of any good sized watch.I dare you,especially if you own real Rolex,THE PIAGET EMPERADOR TEMPLE.Ha,ha.Shi-shi-shi.Sorry,I just can’t stop saying that…


Patent leather triangle metallic bag

My black patent leather (Superman logo lookalike)bag,with silver-hologramic-mirror triangle on top.Bling.bling.blings like crazy on the sunlight.Made with a simple 1 euro silver metallic  sheet from a craft store,superglued in front.
Stay tuned for the rest of the outfit…
Shi,shi,shi till tomorrow…
Stay ”faboloos”.


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