Shi,shi,shi,Ha-loHalogram outfit and me part 3

Hello with my HaloHalogramm-bling creation.Made with green-yellowish hologramm patent leather-ish material,with fuscia stones.


Halo outfit

Leather apron made from recycled leather jacket.Neon suspenders with fuschia stone and little mirrors.

Beam me up

Beam me up,Scotty

The metallic-superman-Star Trek- variation of the Halo Outfit.


Metallic shoes,bag,watch and leather apron with hologramm


Hologramm leather outfit

The walking in the city variation,completed with super comfortable black pony hair shoes.Giddy-up.For cultural exploration of the city.


Hologramm leather apron

I also created a matching handbag for the ”giddy-up,let’s explore the city ”variation.But of course.


Black leather apron with hologramm


Leather apron hologramm

Matching hat with metal decoration.


Leather and hologramm outfit

Saying goodbye to the Doormen.Metal with metal.One more rusted than the other.(Or is it?)Also hoof to hoof.Are our feet resembling or what?


Self made handbag showcased on street art

Hitting the streets.Showcasing my Halo bag.On a street creation if front of museum.


Leather and hologram outfit

Halo from Da Ark.Trying to increase the height of that 16 th century ceiling.Nope,those medieval  Dutch built  for the future,and then some…

Shi,shi,shi,that was all from me…


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