Daily photo – moving house on a bicycle dutch style

This is how you move house.Dutch style.On a bicycle.With a lot of Artitude.


Bicycle loaded with bags

Or just moving your closet .


Man and bicycle with bags

Or just moving.Somewhere.From A to B.


The man and the bicycle with bags

Pure determination.


Man with heavy bicycle

Even the heavy load of 2 suitcases, 1 bag,full bicycle bag,3 plastic bags,leather jacket, ”suit?formal?” jacket,didn’t slow the steady stride of this gentleman.All while he hold the cigarette in his mouth firmly in place.


Like 2 ducks in a row

I thought with all this focus on making sure the bicycle moves swiftly he would be concentrated on the task only,but  surprise surprise.After I passed him,he  didn’t fail to notate my outfit (especially the leggings,butofcourse!) and comment on it with approval.A style connoisseur and multitasker to boot.All in the same breath.
Oh,and we do have one shared love-TIGHT LEGGINGS.Obviously!


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