Neon dairies 3-neoprene shorts becomes a bejeweled dress

My love for neon extends also to anything which starts with neo.In this case neoprene.
I got this new! neoprene shorts for 2 euro in a thrift store and immediately  saw the potential for a  funky metamorphosis.After my scissors treatment,few grommets,few stitches and a lot of stones the pumpkin turned to carriage,and the humble shorts became this underbust cheery dress.


Neon underbust dress with stones


Neon underbust dress and neon bag and shoes

To complete the look, I added 2 neon coin purses to this patent leather vintage handbag and these high,but surprisingly comfortable neon heels.


Neon underbust dress and shoes

Neon stones ring

Neon stones ring

Neon dress details

Neon dress details

Aaand that was another example of my dressing operandi. When the shoes cost 10-20 times more than the entire outfit.And that’s the way I like it.High quality shoes with low cost (not low value!!!!) self-made clothes.


The Statue of Liberty with a Hoover hose

Playing with inanimate objects was  always one of my strong points.In that case this giant tyre pumping hose becomes the torch of The statue of liberty.Right???Right?!


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