Vintage policeman meets a cheerleader meets the redhood outfit in red,white and blue

Love,love ,love vintage uniforms.Police,army,airforce,boy scouts,etc…I found this woolen vintage police jacket at a flea market and got really excited .The shoulderpads.The silver buttons.The cut.The fit..


Leutenant Dangle vintage police jaacket

I cropped it a little at the bottom,so it looks even more fitted and added some silver heart dangling from the left pocket. Insert Lieutenant Dangle (from RENO 911 series) jokes here.


Vintage police jacket outfit

Also added my vintage sour silver ”grapes” belt and golf Escada skirt,which looks more cheerleadery than golfy.Followed by red ,white and blue golf-y-preppy V-neck sweater underneath.While dangling my red,white and blue NY bag.


Vintage police jacket outfit

Red cap (nod to the Red Hood) with a bling  and red boot.Self-bejeweled sunglasses finished the look.

Hooray for vintage!
And the Red Hood!
And policeman! (Especially Lieutenant Dangle )
And cheerleaders!
Give me an H for Hooray!


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