Raw food on a budget tip-eat locally,support your farmers

My raw food mantra:
Keep your friends close and your farmers even closer.
Eating  locally is better for you,for the environment ,for your pocket and for your taste buds.
Support your local growers.Buy in bulk and freeze whatever you can’t eat now.


Tasty local strawberries

I just got this gorgeous strawberries from a local growers and my whole kitchen smells like summer bliss.
You know you got the real thing, when the fruit smells the way it’s suppose to smell,taste like heaven,and every fruit is different size and shape and has a bright, ripened by the sun color.A sun-fruit.
As opposite to all-uniform,big and picture-perfect fruit.
Big,uniformed,same colored,same size,non-smelling  equals cosmetic fruit.

Barbie apple grown with chemicals

Barbie apple grown with chemicals

A Barbie-fruit.A package over substance.It’s nice to look at,but doesn’t do much nutrition wise and taste like rubber.A chemically -drenched fruit.
And the ”farmer?!” wears this  on the right when he grows it.

Farmers then and now

Farmers then and now

Support locally grown food from locally grown farmers.It’s much cheaper too,if your produce is the bulk of your raw food budget,as mine.Look for perfection on the inside, not on the outside.
Go for the Sun-fruit.
A health-perfect and not always picture-perfect fruit.
Perfection usually is inside,skin deep.
Seek it.
Even if it takes cracked hands and dirty nails to dig it.


2 thoughts on “Raw food on a budget tip-eat locally,support your farmers

  1. Isn’t that so true! I love your images, they drive the point hope better than. any words! Boy those strawberries look good, can’t wait until they are ready here in southeast Wisconsin in another month!

  2. I personally decided not to go raw but I am a long term vegan and totally agree with what you’re saying here. I’ve also noticed that GM and non-organic fruit/veg have very little juice or succulence, it’s amazing to compare them to the purer quality one.

    The pictures of the farmers say it all despite all the ‘evidence’ and condescension thrown at those who wonder if the ingredients and processing is safe.

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