Reflections with kilt and teddy bear flavor or live manikin werking it

Here is a  style-missile. Ready to shake the sleepy,fleece decked,Adidas tracksuit wearing,fake Chanel and Louis Vuitton caring,Mcdonalds eating,cola drinking Mr.and Mrs.Small town …
Decked in green plaid kilt (I am guessing vintage),green socks,matching shoes and full gorgeous mane of blonde fabulousness,this man almost restored my faith, that even in a small town, there are still  kindred spirits.
A Bloody Individualists, with a unique,all their own sense of style,who doesn’t need a big town to flourish, or validation from the masses to be crowned fashionable,hip and popular.

Reflection with a kilt and teddy bear flavor

Reflection with a kilt and teddy bear flavor

During our city walk,we spotted this vision on a window of a local eaterie, trying to sort these teddy bears in order.(May be the owner,may be a window dresser.)Fascinated with his style and personae, we begged him for a pic, and he readily agreed..


Live window manikin with style

And posed.
And posed.
And posed.
Like there is no tomorrow.
Some models could really learn a thing or two about being natural  and camera-ready at a split millisecond.
Ready,steady,go…Just like that.


Werking it

A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!!!! And then some….


Window reflections with a taste of kilt and toys

And no.Our manikin is not picking his nose here.He just creates confusion,tongue-in-cheek finger-on-nose style.


Window manikin with a kilt and attitude

And I love how from every angle, you see and notice different things about him, the street and the environment.A every second changing,dynamic blend of ordinary and fascinating.
Window manikin.Style-missile.
Attitude and kilt wearer.
”Age-what age?” and ”what are you looking at” messenger…
When you got it, you got it.
And that’s why I nominate him as a second  nomination for a Street Fashion Hero/Icon -see first nomination here


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