Whats in my fridge or easybreazy raw food planning

As a raw foodist–just-do-my-best-and -not-obsessed-clean-real food-healthy-eater at any given time …
I have …


Raw foodist fridge

My main food during the day is raw,healthy green creations link here http://wp.me/p2iumO-4Z and vegetable health bomb juice link here http://wp.me/p2iumO-3G, so that takes a lot of produce to produce.Thus the greenery galore in my fridges.I have 1 big-see above and 2 small fridges see below.For dinner I might eat some raw fish-ceviche, or cooked quinoa,amarant,or millet with broccoli and mushrooms.I don’t like meat,but few times a year I might  have some barbecue chicken or fish.But the main of my diet year round is greenery,fruits,vegetable,nuts and seeds.And dark chocolate.


Two fridges to keep fruit and vegetables

This is my secondary fridges and fruit ”dungeon”.Basically a dark,kinda dry little storage place in my house.


Raw food fridge

I restock my fridges once a week for the perishables greenery, and the rest -apples,bananas,peaches,kiwis) I buy in bulk, so it last a month or so (for 2 people)


Raw food fridge

My second top fridge in my food dungeon.


Raw food fridge

Little tomatoes on the vine,cucumbers,oranges.


Fruits freezer

I can’t leave without my 3 freezers,since they save me a lot of time and money and store my bulk deals.Usially cut up mangoes,persimmons,strawberries,bananas,even pears.

Food dungeon

Food dungeon

And yeah.Even with all these fridges,I still end up storing some bulk deals in my plastic containers in my fruit dungeon.


Purslane storage

A resent A-ha! moment-My favorite greenery purslane usually last no more than 3 days in my plastic containers in the fridge,but this  crate has the magic , so I have been keeping this produce for the last 7 days, and it’s still green and not soggy.It must be the right amount of holes on the crate.Or something.Bulk buy greenery tip-use a create with holes, not a closed up container to store your big quantities of green.

Sweet kiwis

Sweet kiwis

Another tip.Best way to soften hard kiwis is at room temperature, in a big bowls.

To sum it up:
Have a lot of fresh,green produce.
Keep it in the right temperature and place.
Invest in few fridges.
And don’t be afraid to create a lot of garbage.

Raw foodist garbage

Raw foodist garbage

Because real food creates bulk when disposed off.It’s a natural thing.
It always amazes me that our garbage bin is overflowing with fruit and vegetables peelings and pulp from the daily juices at the end of the bi-weekly collection period, as opposite of those of the neighbours,whose bin is always not even half full.Well,few pizza boxes,microwave diner boxes and countless candy and bread and processes food wrappers doesn’t take much space…
So Hooray for the full garbage bins!


One thought on “Whats in my fridge or easybreazy raw food planning

  1. Oh wow this is the first time I’m seen someone do the same as my family at home. We have two fridges as well; one for raw fruit and veg and one for what we’ve made out of them.

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