Brown leather corset and mini melons non-mercial

A general rule for health is to not eat anything that has a commercial.
Yes to that.
But what about the unsung, non-commercial,non-profitable,humble,cheap heroes of the killer nutrition,who deserve major exposure.?Oh, the unjustice!
So I am trying to right this wrong and  counterstriking by doing my own non-marketable food ”com-mercial”.Make that non-mercial.
One or 2 melons at the time.


Mini melons and me

Here is a food that you won’t see on the big screens during a Superbowl.
The watermelon.
Watermelons are full of Water(Duh!).Dietary Fiber,.Niacin. Vitamin B6 and folate.Vitamin A.Vitamin C. Potassium.Low in calories,easily digestible.
All in all, an easybreazy fruit.
Great as a juice,blended, or on it’s on.Simply a cleansing King.One of my favorite fruits to use during cleanses.


Mini melons

I always eat it alone or blended with mint leaves.I rather blend,than juice, so I preserve the precious fiber.
And remember:
Always eat watermelon or watermelon drinks on an empty stomach.


Mini melons and me

Feel free to send your favorite,simple,cheap (as in cost,not value!!natural,real food or non-food non-mercials.
Because the best things in life are free and have no commercial.

P.s.Have you ever seen such a small melons?


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