Mother Nature,The dike and me or Van Gogh was there once…may be

Sundays church attendance??!! No,thank you.Very much.
In order to reconnect with the divine,with  the almighty Vis Vitalis (from latin-life force),we go to the Mother Nature.


Green dike,sea,girl and freedom

To the vast,open,wind swept places,where you can feel the almighty Mother nature.
The earth.
The sea.
The greenery.
The high in the sky,like painted with Van Gogh brush clouds.
The Freedom of being.The lightness of being.


Green dike,girl and freedom

Because there is nothing more powerful,beautiful and scary,all in one breath,than Mother Nature.
She is everywhere,free, and doesn’t need your donations,collective prayers,sermons or sunday’s attendance.


Green steep  dike in Holland

This sunday we went to this Majestic dike.It’s miles long and almost 45 degree steep,which I personally tested with my elbows on my knees.Yes,the Earth is indeed not flat,confirmed.
Here is a sample how small(and very clumsy),we are,compare to all that vastness.

Steep dike and a girl on knees

Steep dike and a girl on all four

Mother Nature-Infinite and tangible at the same time.Freedom!And a touch of Van Gogh in the air…At least that’s what I thought about,walking the endless coastal line…


Very Van Gogh-ey view

What better way to spend a sunday,than to reconnect with Mother  Nature.To re-energize.To recharge.On your own terms,tempo and easy-ness…
Here is to the Beautiful!
And very inspiring!
And majestic Mother Nature!
How very Van Gogh-ey!


You are never too old to…

…Be prepared.Don’t mess with Minnesota seniors,especially the ladies!


No fear old lady

…Be a graffiti activist

Old graffiti activists

Old graffiti activists

…Step up your game.In a step up class.

Step up senior

Step up seniors class

…Or really step up.Or rather leg up and do some splits,while waiting for the bus…

Old gymnast

Flexible old lady

Hooray for the brazen seniors!!

Being of age doesn’t mean being old!

And yes,I wanna be like all of them when I grow old!!!

Mary Poppins 2.0 or hello tartan trend

The thing is,I have a thing for tartan.
Always!Long before it was a trend.
I just love it.
For it’s perfect colors and versatility.It can be casual,formal,sexy,funky,preppy.
But most importantly,I always imagined tartan as a choice of wear of Mary Poppins.!!So here I am ”tarting” away with tartan.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Blown with the East wind,Mary Poppins style.Clicking heels.Aaaa!
”Practically perfect in every way”.(Quote’s Mary Poppins)


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Mary Poppins 2.0 outfit-Tartan ballerina skirt.Tartan umbrella.Vintage tartan bag..Ankle cuffs and matching sunglasses.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Metal neck collar.Top H&M.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Trying to put  the ”Putting on the Ritz” moves.”Supper-dupper”


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Just like that!


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

I believe I can fly.Or at least be blown by the East wind,Mary Poppins style.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Vintage(may be worn by Mary Poppins?) bag.

Bling bling belt

Bling bling belt

Self made belt with mirrors(magic,of course) and stones.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

During a sudden gust of wind,my umbrella acted as a hot air balloon and almost pulled  me away from  my space ship my giant shell .So I almost ,,popped out,, Mary Poppins style.



Funkyfy your shoes with this naughty ankle cuffs

Add some heat to any outfit with these naughty ankle cuffs.


Guess shoes with home made ankle cuffs

Bondage inspired,they have 2 little padlocks on each side and can be worn with variety of shoes.Stilletoes,sandals,pumps.


Guess shoes with home made ankle cuffs

Naturally,I had to pimp them up with little mirrors and stones,so they match my sunglasses and outfit (shown later!)


Guess shoes with home made ankle cuffs



Guess shoes with home made ankle cuffs

You can do these cuffs yourself,using any semi-hard material-leather,patent leather and the likes.I have also made different models,so stay tuned!

Tomorrow the whole outfit,which accompanies these shoes.

Green,raw and naked or kiwi’s galore to store

I just got my hands on 2 huuuge crates of kiwi’s from my local fruit-dealer.
A great budget deal,since it’s a bulk buy and also kiwis were soft-ish and not picture perfect.
Here is what I did to them,after 2 hours of slavery in the kitchen.

Peeled kiwis ready for freezing

Peeled kiwis ready for freezing

Here are the naked,peeled sweeties,ready to be popped in my freezer.Divided in individual plastic bags,they will last roughly till october.They are a nice addition to my daily green creation.Since I don’t put water in my green smoothie,I need some high watery fruit to add instead,so my blender doesn’t explode and blends without stuttering.Here is why you should include this ”sunny peach”(the original name for kiwis),in your raw food life:

  • Disease Prevention
    • Fiber: Kiwi provides 16% of the RDA for fiber and has a role in the prevention of constipation and some cancers.
    • Phytonutrients: Kiwis have phytonutrients, which repair DNA, act as the body’s protection against some cancers, and function as antioxidants.
  • Vitamins
    • Folic Acid: Kiwi provides 10% of the RDA for folic acid, which is important for expectant mothers and works to produce red blood cells.
    • Vitamin C: One serving of kiwi gives the body 230% of the RDA for Vitamin C, which helps heal wounds, increase iron absorption, and boost the immune system.
    • Vitamin E: Kiwi provides 10% RDA for Vitamin E and decreases the risk of heart disease.
  • Minerals
    • Calcium: Kiwi provides 5.5% of the RDA for Calcium.
    • Chromium: Kiwi aids in regulating heartbeats.
    • Copper: Kiwi provides 8% of the RDA for Copper.
    • Iron: Kiwi provides 4% of the RDA for Iron.
    • Magnesium: Kiwi provides 6% of the RDA for Magnesium, which  can enhance your energy level.
    • Potassium: Kiwi aids in fluid maintenance.
    • Zinc: Kiwi helps keep hair, skin, teeth, and nails healthy.

Raw power!!

A post from lamp post or bright summer outfit with flower head

Shining bright like a diamond lamp post at night.
A post from a lamp post.
Or dancing with the lamp post.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

If the shoe lamp post fit,I go for it and make it part of the outfit.Because we both have flowery heads.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

I almost can balance without holding it.Almost..


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

Feeling 8 feet tall.Because I am 8 feet tall,propped on that thing.


Lamp post with flower top and a girl on top

Flower on top of my head and above my head too.
Flower power!
I ‘m gonna miss my matchi-matchi flowery lamp post…
Skirt-H&M.Bright top-cropped by me.Belt made from metal and stones.Flower headband made from old deco flower.

Things I don’t need ,but I do want

If I could,I would:

Chocolate keyboard

Chocolate keyboard

  • Eat my keyboard,so I don’t have to spend so much time on PC.
Climbing wall in house

Climbing wall in house

  • Have a climbing wall inside house, so going upstairs would be fun
Wooden slide at home

Wooden slide at home

  • Or coming down could be fun


  • Have a tree inside room-even if only painted.
Stair drawers

Stair drawers

  • Now,that is A-MUST! All my ethernal storage woes-solved!Genius!!!Storage-drawers!
Hand door handle

Hand door handle

  • Just to creep people out.
Go away doormat

Go away doormat

  • I’ll go with ”Go away” one.To relay the subtle message to all in-laws!Powerful and to the point!
Mug with a mission

Mug with a mission

And just to end it on a positive note! And sum up my daily mission!

Bright summer outfit with bling and chiffon

Hello summer with brights,bling and chiffon!


Bright summer outfit

Self-made circle skirt made from 3 layers of flowy fabrics-satin,chiffon and old gauze-ish curtain(the second layer)


Bright summer outfit

Self-made neoprene belt with big stones and matching suspenders.Yellow tube top.

Green chiffon creation

Green chiffon creation

Bling bracellet and H&M hairclip.Multicolor heels.

Summer time!
Time to twirl and swirl!

I’ve got the power or the best summer low-calorie drink

Say yes to the best raw food.
The watermelon.
Or Mr.Power fruit.
Here is your Watermelon Woman bringing Mr.Power home.
While humming the Watermelon man by Herbie Hancock.


The Watermelon woman

Admiring Mr.Power in all his 30 pounds glory!


Power Watermelon

Mr.Power’s soul sole.Red sole.

Red sole of a watermelon

Red soled watermelon


Watermelon stiletto

Mr.Flower power.


Flower crown on a watermelon

Mr.Power ,meet Mr.Power-ful Blender.Mr.Power-ful Blender, meet Mr.Power.


Powerful blender and watermelon

The aftermath of that Power meeting:
My powerful drink.Literally.
Since it’s full of electrolytes.

Blended melon

Blended melon

The best summer drink.
Easybreazy blended melon.
Just put the melon and  blend-for 2 minutes.
Simple.Fast to make and sweetly yum.
Big plus-contains all the fiber,unlike juicing.
Anti-oxidant.Low in calories and tastes oh-so-good.
A powerhouse of lycopene,citrulline,Vit.C and A.
Enjoy all the goodness of a juicy,ripe watermelon.On an empty stomach,since it doesn’t combine with any other foods.
A power fruit indeed.
All while listening to The Watermelon man.

The perfect raw food for travelling or health in a cup

Travels well.
Full of sunshine.
Doesn’t leave mess and sticky fingers afterwards.
In other words, I found the perfect snack for travelling.

Raw food on the road

Raw food on the road

The mini-veggie cups.!!Mini-tomatoes,mini-cucumber and mini sweet peppers!!
So simple,yet so good for you!
And even my husband likes it!(See pics)


Veggie cup for the road

The fresh,all natural V8 for when you are steering your V8 (or V6 in our case.)
It’s a breeze to pick and eat, while all your attention is where it should be:


Veggie snack for driving

On the road!
If that’s not the perfect driving snack,I don’t know what it is.
Stays firmly between your legs, so no messy spillage,crumbs or chocolate mess!
Side note:I know first hand about messy spillage, since I once ate raw ceviche! while driving!
And after a sharp turn my tupperware capsized and I ended up smelling like fish on places where I shouldn’t be smelling like fish!
Lesson learned-veggie-cup forever!


Veggie cup and driving

Spill-proof,tumble-proof and kills sugar cravings too.Steers you away from that overpriced gas-station emergency stop for M&M or Snickers.Win-win.


Perfect food for the road

The perfect raw delight!
Beautiful to look at too!
Enjoy your veggies!