The daily What.The.F.

And I do mean WTF!!

Local ad board

Local supermarket ad board

During out trip to local supermarket,we checked the advertisement board and this little gem poked our eyes out.
Next to ads for selling boats,offering house help,wanting old couch,this wanted ad reads

Wanted black baby born

Wanted: black baby born

In an extremely illiterate dutch
Wanted:Black baby born !
Followed by a phone number.
I don’t know whats more scary:

  • That this person is so illiterate and can’t spell or
  • advertises this on a supermarket board or
  • wants black (hm…) baby only (just born ,I presume from the broken dutch)

And I am really,really curious how many suppliers of ”black baby’s born” have contacted this advertiser with some offer…


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