Few sealed and silly things that exist

You never know when you might need:

The stache

The stache

For when the emergency strikes, of course.
And you can’t live one more second without some manly?!? face fur.
To help you feel more Tom Seleck-ish and also to stache some leftover food for later.
They don’t call it stache for nothing, you know.
Speaking of food, here is your next genius plan B to quickly satisfy some egg-emergency Asap

Sealed hard boiled eggs

Sealed hard boiled eggs

Fresh and freshly sealed.
How fresh.
Because nothing saying fresh, like packed,sterilized and sealed in plastic-all natural stuff.
And how hard is boil a couple of eggs, I am asking you…

Here is one boxed and sealed delivery,which I might actually send to my hood Cat lady,

Cats in a box

Cats in a box

since for a while all I have been sending her is her own garbage bags full of rotting junk.
Which she insistently, without our permission troughs in our garbage bin!
And she lives few block down!!!
For why, I will never know.
She is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer,so she didn’t bother to cover her garbage tracks and even left some magazines with her address on the bags.And that’s how we identified out mysterious garbage polutter.
Hm,how do you pollute garbage, which already is a pollution?

Let’s leave that philosophical conundrum for later.


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