Blue umbrella and bling-bling outfit

Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of blue-green ensembles.
I just can’t stop.
Also I can’t stop with my neoprene obsession.
And bling.
So here we go again.With the bling-bling train.


Blue umbrella and bling outfit

Somethimes, I just buy umbrella,so I can use it as a matching accessory to an outfit.And then carry it even when it’s not raining.


Blue umbrella and bling jacket

Because it’s just the right shade of popping blue.End of.

BLING BLING 026 copy

Blue umbrella and bling outfit

Me and my ubrella-ella-ella.
Skirt made from very thick and velvety curtain.
I fell in love with the silky touch of that curtain in a thrift shop and
decided to make skirt of it,
since it was so heavy and light at the same time.
Shoes with bling-Sacha.


Bling-bling jacket


Bling-bling jacket and belt

Matching belt from neoprene and bling.Big blue stone ring.


Girl on top of convertible

What’s the point of having convertible, if you don’t shout from the roof top every chance you get.
And there are not that many here in rainy Holland.
So Candy apple(my car pet name,also the exact color),
brace yourself up for my high heels on your leather!
My husband gets mini-heart attack every time I jump with my heels on his precious soft leather-I mean the cars.


Convertible with a girl on top

So jump up…
With joy.
And work that umbrella-ella-ella.


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