The perfect raw food for travelling or health in a cup

Travels well.
Full of sunshine.
Doesn’t leave mess and sticky fingers afterwards.
In other words, I found the perfect snack for travelling.

Raw food on the road

Raw food on the road

The mini-veggie cups.!!Mini-tomatoes,mini-cucumber and mini sweet peppers!!
So simple,yet so good for you!
And even my husband likes it!(See pics)


Veggie cup for the road

The fresh,all natural V8 for when you are steering your V8 (or V6 in our case.)
It’s a breeze to pick and eat, while all your attention is where it should be:


Veggie snack for driving

On the road!
If that’s not the perfect driving snack,I don’t know what it is.
Stays firmly between your legs, so no messy spillage,crumbs or chocolate mess!
Side note:I know first hand about messy spillage, since I once ate raw ceviche! while driving!
And after a sharp turn my tupperware capsized and I ended up smelling like fish on places where I shouldn’t be smelling like fish!
Lesson learned-veggie-cup forever!


Veggie cup and driving

Spill-proof,tumble-proof and kills sugar cravings too.Steers you away from that overpriced gas-station emergency stop for M&M or Snickers.Win-win.


Perfect food for the road

The perfect raw delight!
Beautiful to look at too!
Enjoy your veggies!



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