Mary Poppins 2.0 or hello tartan trend

The thing is,I have a thing for tartan.
Always!Long before it was a trend.
I just love it.
For it’s perfect colors and versatility.It can be casual,formal,sexy,funky,preppy.
But most importantly,I always imagined tartan as a choice of wear of Mary Poppins.!!So here I am ”tarting” away with tartan.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Blown with the East wind,Mary Poppins style.Clicking heels.Aaaa!
”Practically perfect in every way”.(Quote’s Mary Poppins)


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Mary Poppins 2.0 outfit-Tartan ballerina skirt.Tartan umbrella.Vintage tartan bag..Ankle cuffs and matching sunglasses.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Metal neck collar.Top H&M.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Trying to put  the ”Putting on the Ritz” moves.”Supper-dupper”


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Just like that!


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

I believe I can fly.Or at least be blown by the East wind,Mary Poppins style.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

Vintage(may be worn by Mary Poppins?) bag.

Bling bling belt

Bling bling belt

Self made belt with mirrors(magic,of course) and stones.


Tartan Mary Poppins outfit

During a sudden gust of wind,my umbrella acted as a hot air balloon and almost pulled  me away from  my space ship my giant shell .So I almost ,,popped out,, Mary Poppins style.



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