Mother Nature,The dike and me or Van Gogh was there once…may be

Sundays church attendance??!! No,thank you.Very much.
In order to reconnect with the divine,with  the almighty Vis Vitalis (from latin-life force),we go to the Mother Nature.


Green dike,sea,girl and freedom

To the vast,open,wind swept places,where you can feel the almighty Mother nature.
The earth.
The sea.
The greenery.
The high in the sky,like painted with Van Gogh brush clouds.
The Freedom of being.The lightness of being.


Green dike,girl and freedom

Because there is nothing more powerful,beautiful and scary,all in one breath,than Mother Nature.
She is everywhere,free, and doesn’t need your donations,collective prayers,sermons or sunday’s attendance.


Green steep  dike in Holland

This sunday we went to this Majestic dike.It’s miles long and almost 45 degree steep,which I personally tested with my elbows on my knees.Yes,the Earth is indeed not flat,confirmed.
Here is a sample how small(and very clumsy),we are,compare to all that vastness.

Steep dike and a girl on knees

Steep dike and a girl on all four

Mother Nature-Infinite and tangible at the same time.Freedom!And a touch of Van Gogh in the air…At least that’s what I thought about,walking the endless coastal line…


Very Van Gogh-ey view

What better way to spend a sunday,than to reconnect with Mother  Nature.To re-energize.To recharge.On your own terms,tempo and easy-ness…
Here is to the Beautiful!
And very inspiring!
And majestic Mother Nature!
How very Van Gogh-ey!


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