The coolest drummer of them all

Or this is what I wanna be when I grow old.
Mysterious grandma just walks into a drum shop and stuns the shop owners with her killer drumming skills.

Rock on,Cool’Ma!


Industrial multicolor outfit and shoes or the red lobster look

Here is my red lobster look.With a touch of industrialness-the red lobster straps and gladiatorness-the shoes.

Multicolor outfit

Multicolor outfit

”Red lobsters” straps.Also starring in this post,in different color Black tank top customized with slashes and red strings,made from old red t shirt.


Multicolor outfit

First came the multicolor gladiator boots,then came the idea about skirt with same color zippers.A while ago.Skirt also starring in this post

Turn back the time or time on my back look

Turn back the time or time on my back look

Back of the skirt is with big zipper and clock belt made from old hair barrette.
Aaand that was my attempt to turn back time.With the time on my back….

Yellow and green industrial outfit

I always feel at home at Home Depot.All these rough,tough materials,especially the metal,are just crying for my attention and basically begging me to re-purpose them.And finally give them a purpose.A fashion purpose.



I absolutely adore the industrial look of that table.With joined metal pipe legs and simple wood,it makes the perfect place to showcase my outfit.
Oh, how I love thee.Frog metal clips in boring metal color got their yellow-green makeover with my painting brush.Voila-top-straps.!



Also got these tool thingies(I don’t know the name or the use)and painted them too.Voila-a belts.



My silver metal shoe clips also got the painting brush treatment.



And that’s how you do mellow-yellow.Industrial style.

Fit inspiration or just do it

This is the fastest way to a puddle of sweat in your workout.Very effective and burns like hell tons of calories.

Reverse mountain climber

Reverse mountain climber

Yes,I just did that.
And it was A-blast.
So fun and sweaty.
Highly recommend is as a part if tabata training or high intensity training.
I did it on 15 incline with 3 km/hour speed.
Beware that when you get off you have to be very carefull not  to let the machine propel you forward.
Just sharply jump.
Like me a ninja.

And you really wanna jump to a six-pack,without the sweat,this could be the answer.

Instant six-pack

Instant six-pack

Take that,gym rats!

Blue-green mean summer outfit and nails

Here we go again with my soft spot for green-blue marriage.With a touch of neon and silver.

Apple green skirt –H&M.Belt and head flower-made by me.Silver hologram shoes-Ebay.


Green bag with wooden multicolored beads-trifted.


Blue jacket,customized by me.Also starring in this post


I loved so much this colored wooden beads,that I had to paint my nails to match them.
Just dabbed haphazardly some dots on  different colored nails and…
Bob’s your uncle…(English slang for There you go)
Easybreazy summer fun…

Neon summer girl photobombed by a lounging cow

During our impromptu photo-op in country land,
this particular cow suddenly approached us and
decided to plonk herself right behind me.
Sensing a kindred spirit perhaps,she was nonchalantly lounging and regurgitating,while photobombing me.
Or she just likes neon colors.


Two stupid cows

Just like 2 drops of water…


Neon girl and cow

Or birds cows of a feather,flock  lounge together…


Here is some farmer?!tool,which is as foreign as a cow to me,
but I rather cozy up to it,than to an actual alter ego cow.
Yes,call me a die-hard city girl.
Although I’ve been called stupid cow on numerous  occasions…


– Neon summer outfit

On top of the world gas  country station!
Annd that’s as far as I go with my farmer land exploration…
Back to the mothership city!
I am ready!
Beam me up,S-cow-tty!

The voice inside you or what we should realy teach our kids

I think modern children books should contain light-hearted,yet thought-provoking,wisdom filled,profound tales and poems.
Just so they teach the kids from early age about LIFE.
Because at school they learn all about complicated stuff-physics,math,biology,computers,yet nobody teaches a simple Life lessons.
Or how to love.
Or what matters.
So if I had to compile a school book for teaching Life to our future,this would be the first and most important entry.
Here is # 1 lesson  from Easybreazy Imaginary  Children Book of LIfe Lessons.

Girl,listening to ''The voice''

Girl listening to ”The voice”

I don’t know who wrote this,but I co-sign.Wholeheartedly.

Massive attack of velvet and bling on a swing or shine-on outfit

Here is swing with a bling thing.
The inspiration for this look were the shiny metallic fabrics,bling,velvet and Massive attack‘s Blue lines.And then came the swing.


Swinging and blinging

Skirt made from shiny,satiny fabric and velvet.Arm warmers made from knee-high socks with cut-out heels.


Swinging and blinging

Here is the look with a leather jacket,customized by me with hologram patches.

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Deep purple velvet top with tons of bling and soft fur-ish trim.


Swinging and blinging

Simple black cap,which I pimped with stones and mirrors.Belt with bling,also starring in this post


Swinging and blinging

Music is my constant source of inspiration.
Oftentimes,all I need to do to put an outfit,is to listen to music.
In this case, it was the practically classic Blue Lines by Massive attack.

Swinging and blinging!Woo hoooo!