Massive attack of velvet and bling on a swing or shine-on outfit

Here is swing with a bling thing.
The inspiration for this look were the shiny metallic fabrics,bling,velvet and Massive attack‘s Blue lines.And then came the swing.


Swinging and blinging

Skirt made from shiny,satiny fabric and velvet.Arm warmers made from knee-high socks with cut-out heels.


Swinging and blinging

Here is the look with a leather jacket,customized by me with hologram patches.

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Bling outfit with leather jacket

Deep purple velvet top with tons of bling and soft fur-ish trim.


Swinging and blinging

Simple black cap,which I pimped with stones and mirrors.Belt with bling,also starring in this post


Swinging and blinging

Music is my constant source of inspiration.
Oftentimes,all I need to do to put an outfit,is to listen to music.
In this case, it was the practically classic Blue Lines by Massive attack.

Swinging and blinging!Woo hoooo!


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